10 Keys to Receiving the Holy spirit.

I’ve had a recent influx of correspondence concerning the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Many seekers are listening to what God is saying and reexamining their beliefs to determine if their experience lines up with the Pentecostal experience of Acts 2. The experience of the early church.

One of the most frequently asked questions on this subject centers on what one should/can do to receive the baptism of the Spirit. Please don’t misunderstand. There is nothing we can do to earn God’s favor and certainly nothing we can do to merit the favor God shows us through the infilling of His Spirit. As I’ve heard it aptly stated, “you don’t get good to get God; you get God and He makes you good.” The fact of the matter is that some don’t receive the Spirit right away, and this is the cause of much frustration and confusion.

If you’re reading this and having a tough time breaking through, please prayerfully consider everything that is written below. Again, there is no magical formula. All we can do is place our faith and trust in the One who gives the Spirit. He will never disappoint us!

1. John 7:38-39 – Know.. it is the will of God for you to receive the Spirit according to the Scriptures!

2. Acts 2:36-39 – Repent … by determining to turn from sin to God. Then be baptized in the name of Jesus!

3. Acts 5:32 Obey … the Word of God with a willing heart as it is revealed to you day by day!

4. Luke 11:9-13 – Ask … for the Holy Spirit, trusting God will give something good, not something evil!

5. Mark 11:24 – Pray … earnestly, believing you will receive this glorious gift you desire from God!

6. Acts 19:1-6 Allow … others to pray with you, exercising the practice of “laying on of hands!’

7. Luke 24:49-53 – Praise … the Lord with all your heart for the promise of His presence in your life!

8. Galatians 3:2  Believe … you will receive the promise. You cannot earn it by doing good works!

9. Acts 10:44-48 – Expect … the Spirit to enter you at any time, especially when the Word of God is preached!

10. Acts 2:4 – Speak … boldly whatever language the Spirit miraculously imparts!

(Source: I cannot remember where I found this list. It is not my own content. I just thought that it was worth sharing.)

“And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.” Acts 2:4

If God has given you a desire to be filled with the Spirit, you can rest assured knowing that He is faithful. As the old saying goes, “it may not come when you want it to, but He’ll be there right on time!” God is faithful. If you want someone to pray for and with you, contact me through the link at the top of this page and I will put you on my prayer list.



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